FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? MAC Ghana has the answers. Chevrolet is here to help you, whether you’re stranded on the road at night or you just can’t find your car manual. Browse the questions below or contact us at any time.

Chevrolet service

When should I service my vehicle?

Your Chevrolet is designed and tested to provide you with years of worry-free driving. However, every car has a recommended service interval that is important to ensure proper vehicle health and maintenance. Service your Chevrolet at every 10,000kms/1 year interval, whichever is earlier.

Can I take my Chevrolet to any Chevrolet dealership for warranty repairs?

Yes, a Chevrolet dealer, where trained technicians know your car best and use genuine Chevrolet parts should perform all repairs.

I haven’t driven my car very far, do I need to service it on the time interval recommended?

Yes, because even though you may not have travelled to the full kilometers interval, your engine oil and other important items need to be checked and topped up or replaced.

Where can I buy Chevrolet genuine parts?

Your Chevrolet dealer is the best place to purchase Chevrolet genuine parts.

What is a VIN and how do I locate it?

Each vehicle has a unique serial number which is used to identify each individual vehicle. This is known as an International Standards Organization Vehicle Identification Number (ISOVIN or VIN). The VIN consists of a structured combination of 17 characters and is usually located on the bottom corner of the windscreen on the passenger’s side.