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Servicing & Maintenance

Isuzu Service

We pride ourselves on service excellence, offering an experience that guarantees transparency and real peace-of-mind concerning all aspects of your vehicle's maintenance. Our experienced staff are all professionally trained by Isuzu and fit only Genuine Parts, because we know that real quality has integrity and authenticity.

Our cost-efficient methods and competitive pricing ensure low cost of ownership. Cost estimates and final invoicing on all our jobs is always clearly communicated and transparent.

Isuzu - When to Service

Superior Customer Service

With Isuzu Care, we deliver superior service from beginning to end. Prior to any job commencing, a dedicated Service Adviser explains the job to be done and ensures all your requirements will be met. During the service, a Service Advisor is always on-hand to provide progress updates and clear completion times. The Service Advisor will even follow up with you to confirm your satisfaction and find ways to continually improve our service.

The highest standard of quality

Our customers can trust Isuzu to live up to the very highest quality standards at all times. We use genuine Isuzu parts, specifically designed and certified for Isuzu vehicles. What’s more, our experienced technicians and service deparment staff undergo Isuzu training to keep them at the very top of their fields.

Isuzu - When to Service

When to service

Your Isuzu is designed and tested to provide you with years of trouble-free driving. Every car needs a check-up from time to time to keep it in top condition. It is mandatory that you have your vehicle serviced according to the recommended service intervals. These intervals must be adhered to inside of a 5,000km or 6-month window either side of the interval. Service intervals that are not adhered to will result in a proportional warranty cover, i.e. you will be required to contribute towards a warranty repair that might arise. In the case of a service being missed completely, the warranty on your vehicle will be cancelled.