MAC Ghana Loader

11000 kg


8266cc, 6- Cylinder


200 L

Fuel Tank


For Safety

191 Hp / 490 Nm


1 year/ 20000 km



F-Series trucks hold all the aces in the heavy commercial vehicle segment providing class-leading economy, safety and environmental care in a package that is tailor-made to meet the demands of operators.

The comprehensive range of advanced F-Series trucks provides operators with the right options to meet the most demanding requirements from freight carriers and compactors to medium haul operations and off-road applications.


  • Engine: Powered by 8266cc, 6- Cylinder, OHC Direct Injection Diesel Engine
  • Power: 143kw @ 2850 rpm
  • Torque: 490Nm @ 1700rpm
  • Fuel Tank: 200L
  • Gear: 6-Speed Manual Transmission
  • GVM: 11000kg
  • Frame: Ladder type channel section-rear straight
  • Suspension: Leaf Springs
  • Tires: 8.25 R20
  • Dimensions (mm): OAL: 8155, WB: 4770, FOH: 1260, ROH: 2125
  • Dimensions (mm): OW: 2200, AW: 1795, BW: 2225, OH: 2680
  • Features: Standard Cab with Bed Space, Air Conditioning
Heavy commercial trucks are the backbone of the economy and all F-Series trucks are engineered to give the best possible availability and economy in a safe and easy-to-operate vehicle.


Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) is available in four models (FRR 600/FSR 800/FSR 800 Crew Cab and FTR 850) which contributes to easier, more economical operation of the trucks while increasing safety by preventing missed gear changes and allowing the driver to focus more attention on the road.


High torque turbocharged engines deliver ample power for load carrying requirements, while Isuzu’s legendary common rail diesel technology delivers unmatched fuel economy and dramatically reduced carbon emissions. Technologically advanced engine management features are perfectly complemented with rugged construction to reduce total cost-of-ownership and ensure reliability even in harsh operating conditions.


To match Isuzu Trucks South Africa’s commitment towards exceptional after-sales support and market growth, the Isuzu truck national retailer network underwent facility upgrades to the value of some R350 million. Today these state-of-the-art facilities – 35 dealers in total – offer prospective and existing clients advice on the best truck for their needs, as well as world class after-sales support.


*All information, specifications and illustrations are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. MAC Ghana reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in colours, material, equipment, specifications and models, and is not responsible for typographical errors. Such changes may affect vehicle pricing and vehicle content. Some vehicles pictured may contain non-local market equipment. Some models may be shown with optional equipment. Further information can be obtained from your Isuzu Truck dealer. Prices shown are for models in standard trim. Please consult your local dealer for fixed pricing.